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OceanView Impact-Resistant Windows & Patio Doors
Full-Time Protection against Hurricane-Force Winds and Flying Debris.

Unmatched Elegance

Available for new construction and replacement projects, OceanView impact-resistant windows and patio doors are engineered to stand up to nature's most powerful hurricanes. We designed them in house, and that's the way we manufacture them too: under our own roof. Our dedicated laminating and tempering departments ensure premium quality and unparalleled turnaround times on standard products. Viwinco's enduring commitment to the science of windows, our investment in leading technologies such as a certified test wall, and the efforts of our research and development team led to our certification in safety glazing in 2008. Now, OceanView windows and patio doors can be found in homes all along the Eastern coastline.

10 Essential Benefits Provided by OceanView Windows and Patio Doors


  • The windows withstand hurricane and other brutal weather conditions. Their resistance to wind pressures and wind-borne debris affects the entire structure: when the windows stay intact, uplift forces are prevented from entering the house, lifting up the roof, and pushing the walls outward.

    *To test impact products, an 8-foot 2x4 board is shot out of a computerized cannon at 50 feet per second, the equivalent of 34 mph. The strength of the inter-layer in our laminated glass stops the 2x4 board from penetrating the glass unit. OceanView windows meet a structural wind speed rating of 171.2 mph.
  • Improved Security. OceanView products reduce the risk of forced entry. The combination of a double pane of laminated glass and single pane of tempered glass makes it extraordinarily hard to gain entry.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

  • Superior insulating value. OceanView windows contain our high-performance glass package (15/16 double-strength, laminated glass with a .090 inter-layer thickness; tempered, low-e; Intercept ULTRA stainless-steel low-conductance spacer, and argon gas fill). The home stays cooler on the inside, decreasing the amount of air conditioning needed.
  • Airtight, watertight & thermally efficient. OceanView windows are designed to keep out drafts, moisture, noise and dust, and they exceed the industry standards set by the AAMA/WDMA for thermal efficiency.

Healthy Living

  • Peace and Quiet. The combination of laminated glass, the stainless-steel, low-conductance spacer and argon gas contribute to a significant reduction in sound transmission.
  • Protection from Harmful UV Rays. The low-e and laminated glass panel cuts down on almost all UV light.
  • More Light. The windows in the home allow in a enormous amount of visible light, which research has shown to have a positive affect on mood.


  • No need for shutters or storm panels. OceanView products provide hassle-free, roundthe-clock, year-round protection.
  • Practically maintenance free.


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Reverse Oriel

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2-lite Slider

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Colonial Casement

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Awning w/ Transform

Standard Features

  • Superior Insulating Value: standard high-performance glass package features 15/16" double-strength, laminated glass; tempered, low-e, Interecept ULTRA stainless-steel low-conductance spacer, and argon gas fill
  • Robust vinyl, multi-chambered masterframe construction contains over five pounds more PVC than the competition for increased structural integrity. The chambers add thermal efficiency and strength
  • Fusion-welded frame and sashes add structural stability
  • Sash interlock and aluminum-reinforced integrated sill interlock keep sash firmly in place when it's pummeled with high winds
  • Tilt-n-Lock technology fortifies the window in the most essential spot: along the meeting rail. Tilt-latch slide bolts are housed within the reinforcement to strengthen the meeting rail from jamb to jamb
  • 3/4" stainless-steel constant force balance system never needs adjustment and allows for smooth sash travel, and open sashes that stay in place
  • 5-degree true sloped sill directs water, dirt and debris away from the window and prevents it from collecting in the sill
  • Mortised-in, replaceable 1-3/8" high weatherstripped sill dam fights drafts and water infiltration
  • Industry-leading DP ratingsan air, water and structural designation by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) that can be found on each OceanView windows AAMA Gold Label
  • Heavy-duty extruded screen frames feature Bettervue screening
  • Beveled exterior for traditional craftsmanship appearance
  • 1-1/4" integral, pre-punched nailing fin contributes to a trouble-free installation. Available with nailing fin for new construction projects and without fin for replacement projects
  • Exceptional Limited Lifetime warranty coverageon sash, frame, and hardware materials for as long as you own your home and transferable if you sell it
  • Plus extruded designer lift and pull rails (depending on style) curved for comfortable operation, dual nite vents, screen track to better block insects, and more. See our OceanView Catalog for full details

Color Options

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W.J. Golle Inc. Images


W.J. Golle Inc. Images


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