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Hung Windows

Traditional and stylish, our single- and double-hung windows feature beautiful detailing and excellent energy efficiency. Those in our Cambridge, S-Series, and OceanView line come standard with Tilt-n-Lock patented technology, which adds reinforcement for structural performance and makes it easy to open, close and tilt the window in for cleaning with one hand.
  • On Double-Hung windows, both the top and bottom sashes are operable: the bottom lifts up, the top pulls down. Double-Hungs offer beautiful sight lines and great air circulation.
  • On Single-Hung windows, the bottom sash is operable and the top sash is fixed. Just raise the bottom sash for the ventilation you desire. Single-hungs are economical, easily serviceable, and allow for trouble-free access to dry wall materials during construction. They also provide exceptional energy efficiency.
  • Oriel windows feature a smaller or shorter upper sash than lower sash (40/60 split). Reverse Oriel Windows contain a smaller or shorter lower sash than upper sash (60/40 split).
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